Module 5: Health and Safety

Lessons and Assignments
Section 5.1: Your Well-Being

Lesson 5.1A: My Personal Wellness

Assignment A: How Can I Improve My Wellness

Lesson 5.1B: Nutrition

Assignment Part B: Menu Analysis

Lesson 5.1C: Diets and Supplements

Lesson 5.1D: Body Image

Assignment Part C: How Can I Improve My Wellness?
Section 5.2: Sex, Drugs, and Decisions

Lesson 5.2A: Drugs and Alcohol

Lesson 5.2B: Addiction Alert

Assignment Part A: Stages of Addiction Quiz

Lesson 5.2C: HIV/AIDS and other SDIs

Assignment Part B: Test Your STI Knowledge

Lesson 5.2D: Making the Right Choice for You

Assignment Part C: It’s Your Choice
Section 5.3: Healthy Relationships

Lesson 5.3A: Developing Communication Skills

Assignment Part A: Improving Communication Skills

Lesson 5.3B: Healthy Relationships

Assignment Part B: Relationship Analysis

Lesson 5.3C: Relating to Others

Assignment Part C: Harassment Case Study
Section 5.4: So You Want to Drive

Lesson 5.4A: The Graduated Licensing Program

Lesson 5.4B: Risks of the Road

Assignment Part A: Playing it Safe
Section 5.5: Module Assessment

Lesson 5.5A: Decision Making

Assignment Part A: Making Healthy Choices